Please contact the call centre if you have questions : WisataBagus
Please contact the call centre if you have questions : WisataBagus

Please contact the call centre if you have questions : WisataBagus

If there are consumer complaints, you can contact the Wahana Call Centre.

Consumers can contact the Vahana call centre when experiencing problems . Vahana itself is a delivery service. In this service, various issues are often encountered. Consumers of rides are numerous. This happens because its presence occurs for a long time. In addition, providers are also open in opening up agents.

Everyone can register themselves to become a riding agent. Of course, it is very profitable considering that being an agent can offer a very large range of benefits. But as business growth continues to take place, new issues like this continue to emerge. In the business world, this is normal.

But as a consumer, many issues are certainly uncomfortable. This is the place where  the presence of a ride call center becomes very important. With its presence, every complaint can be reported as much as possible. Compared to finding your own way on the internet, the response received is certainly very satisfactory.

Different ways to contact the call center

There are several ways to choose from when contacting the call center. Obviously the easiest way is to call him directly. However, this ride doesn’t offer a phone feature for consumer complaints. This is already the policy of the administration, so that the consumer has to follow the consequences.

In return, the Vahana call centre has been replaced with WhatsApp. To communicate via WhatsApp, first enter From there, there will be a column called Customer Service. On laptops,  the customer service column is at the top with a yellow box.

After entering the customer service page, the consumer has two options. The choice relates to the received issue. Because the options are divided into delivery services and general services. Choose according to the problem at hand and you will be instructed to enter the data.

The data includes full name, personal WhatsApp contact, email and complaints filed. From there, communication with the Vahana call centre will continue through WhatsApp. This method definitely simplifies considering whatsapp is very popular in Indonesia. In addition, this method has advantages in terms of cost.

When using the phone, there are charges that consumers have to pay. But when contacted via WhatsApp, the fee is not obvious. As another option, customers can also get in touch via email. Vahana’s own official email address However, there are shortcomings in the service.

The  disadvantage  of the call center via email  lies in the speed of the response. The response is not fast when communicating via WhatsApp. In fact, email itself is used more for communication related to recommendations because email is actually very intended as a medium for service improvement.

Wahana’s information can also be found via social media

If you want to know more information about rides and call centers, customers should follow their social media. Vahana herself is active on several social media platforms. Facebook is the first site to have the highest level of activity. The official account itself is in the address/ wahanaexpressofficial.

However, some people no longer use Facebook. So, you can also get  information about the Vahana call centre via Instagram. The official Instagram address of the rides @wahanaexpressofficial. The agility of rides on Instagram is also very good. His posts are updated every day.

In addition, his followers also reached nearly 20 thousand. Of course, this is not to say that the number is small. If you want to be more formal, customers can actually see the ride profile on linkedin. The linked account of this provider can be found at the / wahana-prestasi-logistics address. Some business people are actually more comfortable looking at profiles through linkedin.

In addition to informative media, customers can also interact with a social media executive. Naturally, the benefits are very similar to call centers. To communicate, it’s actually very similar on every site. First of all, log in to your personal social media account first. After logging in, search for the ride’s official account.

Make sure the account is actually official and not fake. On the official account, send a message according to the questions or complaints you have. The sending medium of the message is different for each site. For example, if you want to contact the provider via facebook, you need to install facebook mess e nger.

In the absence of an official Twitter account there may be a negativity of social media. This is a drawback considering that the number of Twitter users in Indonesia is again increasing. Therefore, those of you who are Twitter users should use other social media to get more information.

Various issues that are frequently experienced by consumers

There are various issues that the consumer needs to contact the Vahana call centre. The first issue is related to the delivery address of the package. Whether it is the sender or the recipient, the customer will suffer if the package is not sent to the desired place. There are two things that are responsible for that.

The first reason is an error in writing the address, the second is an error in the courier while sending. If this happens, you can contact the call center by clearly explaining the timeline. The CS will immediately process the report and adjust the distribution to the correct location.

In addition, issues are often experienced when using the tracking feature. The monitoring feature itself is very useful to the consumer. With this feature, consumers can find out the latest location of the goods shipped. However, often this feature doesn’t work normally. This creates an unknown location for the item.

This issue clearly makes consumers feel uncomfortable. Usually, tracking problems occur entirely due to errors in the system. Therefore, the Vahana call centre can fix it quickly if there is a clear statement. The status of the package that does not arrive at a predetermined time can also embarrass the consumers.

There are two possibilities as to why the package hasn’t arrived yet. The first possibility is due to the delay. This happens due to traffic problems that can be controlled. The second possibility is the loss of goods. This problem is very rare and almost never occurs.

By contacting the call center, customers will get clarity on why delays can occur. In addition, CS will process immediately if the package item is actually lost. If the package cannot be found in the end, further explanation will be given about the process of making a claim directly.

Please contact the call centre if you have questions

In addition to providing complaints, you can also use the Vahana call centre if you have some questions  . The question itself can be from a variety of things from price to delivery. But with a note, the question is related to the vehicle and its consumers. There is no need to hesitate to ask this matter.

This is actually one of the main functions of CS. After all, you will get answers with good and comfortable speech when communicating directly with CS. Make sure to listen in detail to everything so that the responses received are satisfactory and as desired.

In fact, it’s up to you whether or not to take advantage of the presence of a call center. However, we strongly recommend that its use be done as best as possible. By using it, communication between customers and providers will run smoothly.  Don’t forget to give advice to the person closest to you to contact the Vahana call centre.

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