LG Service Center in Jakarta, Indonesia
LG Service Center in Jakarta, Indonesia

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LG is a company that is a tough competitor to Samsung products, tosiba and how to contact LG’s service center afterwards.  The  factory originated in Korea not only makes smartphones, but also supplies all consumers with a variety of goods such as refrigerators, TVs, washing machines, and air conditioners.

Not much different from other big companies, LG has opened a new history on a great journey up to the present point. Here’s the full review. LG’s company was founded in Korea in 1958, but initially used the Gold Star rather than LG name.

When it was first established, Gold Star stood up to promote the country’s progress through electronic products. Over time, in 1995 Gold Star merged with Lakhui Chemical. 2-Duany A comes witha new name, i.e.  Lucky Gold Star, which will eventually be shortened to LG.

History of LG Electronics Co., Ltd.

LG’s service center itself now has the slogan “Life is good”. But in the past LG has come up with another slogan. With “future technology” as in 1197-1999. From 1999 to 2004, it used the slogan “digitally yours”.

In ancient times, smartphones with capacitive monitors were not yet popular, and many people used resistive screens. This type of monitor will of course work when pressed, and the responsiveness will be lower than capacitive.

LG Electronics has become the company that invented the smartphone with a capacitive touchscreen system. Like the LG ke850, it comes with a screen of about 3 inches and has a resolution of 240×400. The headset used isn’t the best brand at the moment, but it’s pretty sophisticated in that era, from its launch to achieving sales of around 1 million units in the 18 months since its launch.

Innovation continues with the release of LG g5 products a few years ago. Such products include LG’s high-level smartphones. Fairphone 2 was released first, so it’s not the first. But precisely the LG G5 has released a mainstream smartphone in the high-end market. In more detail, the LG g5 has a battery on the outside of the body that can be disassembled at any time.

LG Electronics is a famous company in Korea. From electronic products to smartphones, you can find them under the LG brand. In fact, its development is so important that from 1985 to the present day, it has become the best brand from the world of electronics all over the world. It has a 36-year history in the electronics industry and grows with advanced innovation every year.

Its history in Indonesia is well known as Gold Star at the time of its inception, as both companies partnered with Astra with the aim of developing for the better. Now you can see that the LG brand has become an electronic brand loved by the people of Indonesia.

LG Electronics’ brand superiority recognized around the world

In its development, LG Service Center has issued a quality policy. You can also apply market-breaking techniques to compete with other brands so that they can win the interest of Asians and Indonesians in particular. LG can run the competition to become the best and high quality brand pioneer.

  1. Compete healthily in the world of electronics

Of course, companies are facing stiff competition in the market, as are the LG brand. A strategy to publish durable products compared to similar products belonging to rivals. LG has always maintained customer loyalty in a variety of ways. Start with constantly improving product quality, competitive prices, high-quality LG service center, etc.

  1. Build warm and healthy relationships with suppliers

Suppliers are important in running a business. LG has proven to itself that they have earned the trust of their suppliers without any problems or obstacles. Thus, when the production process always runs smoothly as expected.

  1. Having the best place in the minds of consumers

Another important thing is that LG always maintains the quality of its products so that loyal customers do not go to use other products. Because the business world is very cruel. In Indonesia, many electronics companies are rivals of LG. We have also succeeded in providing the number one LG Service Center service to each customer.

  1. Always innovate

The big problem arises when products can’t compete healthily in the business world. But interestingly, until now LG has innovated to follow the development trends of the times when it is increasingly struggling with high-quality products.

  1. Has a wide market

There is a huge opportunity in the Indonesian electronics market and even LG has gained a place in people’s minds. LG’s products are of very high quality and are better than other competitors. Even the technology they use is always different from the others.  LG Service Center is always striving to gain the global market in the field of electronic brands

LG Electronics’ Marketing Strategy in Asia and the World

LG has an upper and middle class market, its products have affordable prices in the pockets of Indonesian people. Unlike other country markets, the prices offered are higher than the Indonesian market. LG has a very good marketing strategy and can achieve competition with products from all over the world.

As a company, they prioritize LG’s service center service  to their customers, so they always feel comfortable using their products. They are always ready to reposition other products by bringing out the latest and highest quality products.

LG is an electronics company that doesn’t run fast, but it runs slowly but surely. They always want to innovate in their respective products to satisfy the hearts of customers. In the development of today’s computer operating systems and smart smartphones, LG has brought out some of the best products.

Precisely in 2011, LG released android-based tablets and phones. Then, in 2012, LG again released its first tablet with a 3D camera. For the first time, LG pulled out a smartphone using Intel’s processors.

The Korean manufacturer introduced a new technology under the name THINQ in 2017. This technology is a modified version of the phrase “think of you” so that humans and devices can interact naturally. According to him, thinq promotes the lifestyle of consumers because it has high mobility.

The application of the latest technology varies from product to product. On TV, for example, ThinQ improves audio and visuals. Then, for household appliances, LG provides solutions that allow its products to save energy and therefore ensures that they always work in environmentally friendly systems.

LG Service Center Services for All Indonesian Customers

Therefore, LG’s goal of issuing products with advanced technology is to ensure that the products can demonstrate durability and comfort. They want to provide satisfaction and comfort to all their loyal customers.

For consumers who want to get complete information or need help, they can even go to the website to communicate directly. There is a call center and live chat. So you can get the solution in no time.

All consumers can submit complaints and product repairs by contacting our call center. The number below is 14010 and you can contact them daily. In addition to call center services, LG is headquartered in Jakarta and has branches in each city. After that, if you encounter a problem and want to get a solution immediately, you can visit the office of LG Service Center.

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