Combro preparations using specific materials : Blog1
Combro preparations using specific materials : Blog1

Combro preparations using specific materials : Blog1

Recommended recipes for the Most Delicious Western Java Combro Cake


 Independent preparation of the common Western Javanese kobro cake recipe is not a difficult task even by ordinary people. You don’t have to study the course first, because it was taught by many in a way that went downhill. There are also many menu menu types that can be imitated online.


Kobro itself is a preparation from a cassava with various fillers, in which the Sundan version has its own characteristics. Until now, there are many versions that are really sweeter than Central Java. You can make the original version have a pleasant taste, a stable aroma, or a sweet taste.


Original G’arbiy Java Combro Torti Recipe


When talking about artificial cobro preparations, it is impossible to distinguish it from the use of oncom as a filling. This one ingredient is actually made through fermentation process, which is more or less the same as in tempeh. But here the ingredients for its preparation are varied, it can be in the form of coconut pulps, cassava, peanuts, etc.


The preparation of filling components for  various Western Java cobro cake recipes requires struggle, since the fermentation process is very difficult. All pulps ingredients, which are then combined as oncom, are mixed with yeast. The manufacturing process has been the same since the XVII century, when it was first created.


At this time, to comro the original combro or artificial name, you can first prepare external ingredients such as cosmetics and coconuts without being too old before. You can also prepare several tablespoons of salt and cooking oil. Do not forget to include those specific to various artificial preparations.


Then  this can consist of red and white onions, salt, powdered broth, pepper and puree oncom to supplement the western java combro cake recipe in comro form. In addition, you are advised to add leeks and basil leaves. This is aimed at removing unseacious odors from oncom.


In the process of cooking, we must first mix the outer and delicate armries. You need to remember about the right dose, do not make it too salty, as it will be combined with filling. In the process of filling, we mix only the oncom mesh and other various filling agents until smooth.


Combro preparations using specific materials


In addition to using the original version, it is definitely more interesting when added with a variety of unique materials, such as spicy anchovies. Here we distinguish only in filling so that a regular version can be used for the outer pulse. So prepare important ingredients such as coconut, potatoes, grated coconuts, chilli and mosquitoes.


Then we need oncom, anchovies, bay leaf, brown sugar and coconut milk  to make  this western javanese combro cake recipe. For Oncom, try to make it softer so that it is easily mixed with other fillings. It is also recommended to use additional basil leaves for good odors.

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The most important thing to consider here is that, in fact, when processing anchovies, it should not produce a very strong fish smell. Therefore, it is mandatory to use additional basil leaves or orange leaves. In addition to the use of anchovies, a specific drug can use cheese, because it is popular in a mixture of various top menus.


The use of raw materials so that we can mix cossava and potatoes as the main lighting later on is more tailored to the taste of cheese. Other equipment to be made in this unique menu are cheese, old coconut, leeks, pepper, grilled oncom, sugar, coconut milk and fresh cooking oil.


In such a way that the taste still has its own Sundan flavor, the flavor can be added with the basil leaves so that it is more delicious. The cheese part can be put on its own or just put on top. The advantage of using this cheese where it is flexible is that it can even be used as a tasty sauce mixture.


G’arbiy Java Combro Kek Retsept dari Tuxum


In addition to the single oncom filling, you can add balloon eggs as the best ingredient so that the taste of the combo is more delicious. Here you first need to buy cossava, sparkling coconut, salt, leek and oil. Do not use used ointment to keep the taste well, as it can be mixed with other flavors.


At the same time, to replenish, you need to pay attention to how to make or mix grilled oncom and chicken eggs. Both ingredients should be mixed with aromatic leaves, bay leaves or basil leaves, as fragrance and taste are not annoying.


Especially when added onions and with garlic, salt and sugar. It must have tasted a lot of appetizers. In addition to ordinary eggs, you can also use pickled eggs. Of course, the ingredients are still the same, that is, cassava, grated coconut, salt and leek.


Preparing  a combro cake recipe specific to western java pickled eggs  , we also need to prepare grilled oncoma, pickled eggs, salt and sugar. To add tasty, also add onions, garlic and chili. This chili you can tailor to your taste, but it is more deliciously fragrant.


Then the mixture of pickled eggs and onkom should be crushed until it is completely one. Do not forget to add the mixture again so that the flavor and taste become richer. It is highly recommended when adding orange leaves or basil leaves. Combro’s taste is guaranteed to be even more extraordinary different than just the original version.


Sweet and fragrant filling ingredients recipe


If you haven’t tried the original and flavor, this time it’s your turn to make the content sweeter by this taste. First you can prepare a grated cossette and remove water, grated coconut and salt. Here we need egg white as a sesame binder so that it doesn’t get off, because the main attraction is really sesame.


To supplement, you need to prepare grated coconut, pandan leaves and brown sugar in advance. Try to feel really smooth before you put it in to melt it more easily in the blue-and-blue sugar. Then use those who are not too old so that the pandan can leave them, the color is not mixed and the taste is not bitter.


To create a leaf, it should not be immediately laid out, since the visible leaves are used only for their pleasure. Therefore, before putting on the dough, you need to boil the filling. For the delicate shape of the dough and apply it to sesami, then a recipe for ordinary West Javan kombo cake is ready to fry.


This should be calculated in order to avoid the appearance of the roasting process, but the inside is still raw. This is more or less the same in the preparation of a different recipe, that is, misro. In fact, it is not so different from its composition, as it uses cosmava, grated coconuts and salt as an extra flavor.


This sweet West Java cobro cake recipe will certainly require refilling and a lot of blue sugar as a coma to make it easier to dissolve when fried. Perhaps comro and misro are the most popular menu in the combro variant by Sundans. So, if you are looking for streets, it should be easier to find.


When making copper, remember that melted sugar does not melt until it comes out, so it should be prevented by preparing a strong dough. We fry until it is brown later, and it is better if it is still warm. You can serve miserable services to friends or family over coffee or warm tea.


If you look at all the processed menu above, and the beginners are easier in the bica mastering world, this is not true. In addition, materials do not need to be special, but can try to create on their own. If you want to try something that is definitely successful, just  follow the recipe for Western Javan cobro cakes.